Giovanni Genuario

Michael Langanis

Michael Langanis is the owner and director of Langanis Barber. Having acquired a keen interest for the beauty industry several years ago, he has acquired a unique set of skills particular to the trade, making him incredibly talented at what he does. With over seven years of experience working in high fashion hairdressing and styling, and at the young age of 22, he has become a very motivated leader of the team at Langanis Barber. He has strong direction and constantly contributes to the growth of the business, showing no signs of slowing down.


Javeir Tran

Javeir is our newest edition to the team. He is new to the barbering industry and can’t wait to dig his claws in and take out his competition. He brings with him a keen hunger and enthusiasm to learn and achieve the highest standard of Mens Grooming. He has always had an eye for styling his own hair and his friends. Watch out for him, he brings his own style and ability to pick up skills faster then most. He is the definition of style!


Rachel Lettice

Rachel is our friendly, enthusiastic receptionist, who manages all business inquiries to ensure all of our clients have an easy and stress-free experience when they are booking and attending their appointments. Rachel understands the importance of being personal, professional and focused. Rachel will attend to any enquiries and appreciates all feedback provided.

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Lotus brings so much energy and liveliness with her big personality. You’ll see her bouncing around the shop ensuring your looked after and everything is running smoothly. She is the one behind all the great snaps and videos on our social media pages. Be sure to say hello and have a chat!