I am your friendly, bubbly receptionist here at Langanis Barber. I manage all appointment bookings to ensure you have an easy and comfortable  experience with us and will settle you in when you visit us. I understands the importance of being personal, professional and focused. I will attend to any enquiries you have and appreciates all feedback you provide.



Coffee is art form that I make with love and dedication. My love for coffee and people make my job as a barista more like a hobby that I take very seriously. I am constantly experimenting with new coffee flavours pushing the limits and creating fun, tasty cups of goodness. Come in and enjoy a lively chat at Langanis Espresso Bar and enjoy our beautiful unique blend that we serve up.



I am energetic, determined and passionate. I come from a dancing background which introduced me to the fashion world and ultimately barbering industry. Since starting barbering I am amazed at the experience it not only brings to you as the client, but to me as well. I have so much fun with it and push myself everyday to be better and push the boundaries involving technique and style. I work with such a variety of motivated enthusiastic barber’s so for me, there is no better work atmosphere.



I am a quick learner and have always picked up skills faster than most allowing me to progress and bring my own twist with a solid foundation of skill present. I take pride in my work and am constantly searching for new artistic techniques to implement into my haircuts. I enjoy cutting all hair types and styles with no preference as I enjoy the variety and growth it allows me.



Whilst keeping up with the latest trends in hairstyling, I enjoy using a mixture of techniques in my haircut designs to achieve the perfect look for my client. The cutting side is not the only reason I enjoy my job, I like getting to know my clients and have rememorable conversations building a relationship. I get to know my clients and gain a great understanding of how they like their hair to be done.

I stay up to date with the latest trends in haircuts and hairstyling. I use a mixture of techniques and designs to achieve the perfect look for you.



I got into the barbering industry because of my love of fashion and design which I experienced daily living in the city of fashion – Milan, Italy. Barbering allows me to express my unique ever-evolving style and techniques used in barbering. When I cut your hair, I am not only focusing on your haircut, I am getting to know you and building great relationships as I have a genuine interest in people. Come in and have a great experience while we get you groomed and styled.


Giovanni Genuario

I have been in the industry for 7 years working in Italy, Los Angeles and now Australia forever expanding my skillset and experience to become the best barber I can be and combine different technique’s that are used all over the world. I am a driven and passionate barber who is known for skin fades and texturised cutting. I have made an impact since being in Australia known for my diverse cutting style and fresh stylish haircuts.


Michael Langanis

I am the owner and director of Langanis Barber. I have been cutting hair for 7 years and knew from a very young age I wanted to open my own barbershop. I opened my first barbershop when I was 18 in Sunnybank and developed a large clientele based on my skill, passion and personality. I have created a barbershop that focuses as much on the clients as we do on the haircuts. I envisioned a barbershop that offer’s all Men’s Grooming needs including colour services to chemical straightening services. My employee’s understand this vision and impress me daily on the passion and skills they bring with them.


Javeir Tran

Javeir is our newest edition to the team. He is new to the barbering industry and can’t wait to dig his claws in and take out his competition. He brings with him a keen hunger and enthusiasm to learn and achieve the highest standard of Mens Grooming. He has always had an eye for styling his own hair and his friends. Watch out for him, he brings his own style and ability to pick up skills faster then most. He is the definition of style!


Rachel Lettice

Rachel is our friendly, enthusiastic receptionist, who manages all business inquiries to ensure all of our clients have an easy and stress-free experience when they are booking and attending their appointments. Rachel understands the importance of being personal, professional and focused. Rachel will attend to any enquiries and appreciates all feedback provided.

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I grew up with my mum as a hairdresser and was influenced by the creative flow that hairdressing allowed. I came in to Langanis Barber as a client to get my undercut done by Michael and it was at that time I fell in love with barbering.  I have always been drawn to music, art hairdressing – anything that allowed me to create something and that’s what I saw in barbering and the hair industry in general. I view barbering as an opportunity to create hairstyle’s that suit’s one’s face, personality and look bringing everything together.